Spiritual Aids


blessing_illustrationMass Guilds

As part of their apostolate, the Missionaries of the Holy Ghost offer several means of benefiting from their prayers and Masses offered by the priests with whom they work

The Mass Guild is a means to have friends and loved ones remembered at Holy Mass once a month on the third Sunday (Mission Sunday).getform_button




moving_InfantPerpetual Mass Guilds

How often do you remember to pray for your parents, children, friends, relatives, teachers, and godchildren? You will never have to forget them again!
Enroll yourself or those you love in the Perpetual Mass Guild of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Ghost. Those enrolled will always be remembered in the special Masses offered on the third Sunday of each month.getform_button




burning_candleCandle Guild

Likewise, the Sisters maintain a number of shrines in the parish and convent chapels where candles are lit for the intentions of those who write in. Click on candle if you would like to have a candle lit for your intentions.getform_button